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Dec. 31st, 2015

This journal is NOT friends only!  There are, however, three rules.  They're pretty basic and made of common sense, but if you're worried/curious, just check my user info for them.

Expect some sort of pretty/interesting graphic, once I actually get around to it.

I really will, too.  I swear.  XD

Feel free to friend and/or watch this LJ if you want, though.  I'll friend you back. ^_^

Also: anything posted to my personal LJ (caitlin_chan) will eventually get posted here, though I won't note it in my personal journal, since it's been posted there for (likely) ages.

[fic] Four Hikaru no Go drabbles

These were written during the chats for round five of blind_go ; we did a lot of drabbles challenges.  Funtimes!!

Three gen, one very mild yaoi (they don't even kiss, haha XD).

Go, LJ cut!Collapse )

For oceanica!

Icons!  For oceanica!  Enjoy!  <3

Art credit goes to shi_chan06.

[02] Naruto icons


Title: Protocol
Author: caitlin_chan  with input, help, and ideas from she_universe 
Genre: gen, drama
Wordcount: 4327
Rating: PG-14
Warning: Language, mostly. Lots. Sam has a potty mouth~ Also, several mentions of whores
Notes: this is the first (and incomplete) incarnation of what she_universe  and I have dubbed the Protocol Universe, or Proverse. The final version of this fic, and all other associated fics will eventually be posted at the comm, proverse (because it's this big collaboration project we've decided to do, haha). In which Sam and Derek eventually end up together.  XD  BTW, there's nothing up at proverse right now, so... well, if you want to look at the new layout, go ahead, but that's all there is.  XD

[fic] Politics

Title: Politics
Fandom: Naruto
Genre: gen, family (?), drama
Rating: PG 13 for strong language and sexual innuendo
Wordcount: 1676
Characters: Temari, Kankurou, Gaara, Okita (Wind Country daimyo, OC)
Summary: Temari's never been a diplomat, but Gaara sends her to the daimyo's council anyway, much to her dismay.  But Gaara has his reasons, and they're good ones.

Thanks to tonko_ni for help, and to oceanica for help and giving me the inspiration and the idea for the final scene in this thread. :D

Vampirates! icons and LJ moodtheme

All art is from the fabulously awesome webcomic, Vampirates!, by helltown.  I shrunk/cropped/removed speech bubbles and stuff like that.


[02] Vampirates! icons
[01] Vampirates! base
[01] Vampirates! custom LJ moodtheme

Icons!                       Base!   

...Y'all are probably really here for the moodtheme.  Here's a preview~!

Full preview HERE.

And HERE you can download the full ZIP file.  Please credit caitlin_chan or inkntendinitis. ^_^  Also, comments if you download would be appreciated, but I'm not going to freak if you don't.

It's teeny weeny, so I didn't want to put it on something like MegaUpload, but I can't get to my school webspace from my dorm because it's stupid and messed up.  If MegaUpload doesn't work for anyone, let me know and I'll upload it somewhere else.

Expect more icons at a later date, once my brain is no longer mush from class.
Fandom: Naruto
Genre: AU, gen, friendship, sports (?)
Rating: PG13 for language
Wordcount: 3842 for this chapter
Notes:  Yes, another chapter today.  atom0001, this is for you and your patience with me and my consistent delays. XD

Previous parts:
Game One
Game Two
Game Three
Game Four

Fandom: Naruto
Genre: AU, gen, friendship, sports (?)
Rating: PG13 for language
Wordcount: 4014 for this chapter

Previous parts:
Game One
Game Two
Game Three

I meant to get this posted yesterday, but then I got distracted trying to come up with a title for the fic.  Again.  I ended up looking through the Adopt-a-Title thread on the NaNo forums and making a master list of all the titles.  All 2500+ of them.  Oops?  ^^;;

And after all that, I didn't manage to find one.  But I DO have a short list of possible titles.  Which is a step in the right direction.  But I am indecisive, so... opinions!  Which ones do you guys like best?  I'm particularly partial to the bolded ones as the novel title, though there's a few that could be chapter titles as well.

Possible titles:

View From the Ice
The Sound of Frozen Ground
Hockey Tape and Bubble Gum
In Between the Lines

Five on Five
If These Sticks Could Talk
The Blade’s Creation
Getting Over Your Crappy Childhood (this will probably end up being a chapter title regardless, but you'll have to wait and see which chapter XD)

So.  That's all, folks~!

Some little changes...

LJ has new policies concerning Adult Concepts and Adult Content (viewable here), I've had to flag one of my prior entries as having "Adult Concepts".  In summary, this means that anyone under fourteen won't be able to read it, and if you didn't give LJ your birthday when you registered, they might be prompting you for it before they let you view the entry, or something like that anyway.

If you're over the specific age, then you won't see any changes at all, so if this is confusing you, that's probably why.  XD

If you don't have an LJ, it'll prompt you to confirm your age as over fourteen for "Adult Concepts"; I assume it's the same for "Adult Content" stuff, but I don't have any entries I can test that with. XD

This means anything I post in the future that talks about sex and whatnot, will either be flagged Adult Concepts (fourteen and over), or Adult Content (eighteen and over).

Just putting it out there.
Title: Ice on Dead Leaves
Author: inkntendinitis aka caitlin_chan
Genre: poetry, general
Rating: G

The tsuba digs into my hip as I kneel here,
but it is a familiar discomfort, and easily tolerable.
My lord, Minamoto no Yoshinaka-sama, is meditating,
and I guard the room, as is my duty.

In the morning I am off to battle, and I have already
prepared myself – my hair is tied and perfumed, my
daisho and armour are cleaned and polished.
I am ready for whatever is needed of me.

I will be sent out as my lord's first captain—
I am always the first on the field, the first to face
death, with my yumi at my side, my daisho in hand.
I will show no mercy and give no quarter.

Nights in the month of Kisaragi are sharp and cold;
my breath mists in the air, tiny clouds of my own making.
There is a thin layer of ice on the dead leaves in the
garden before me: glaze on fine ceramic tea cups.
Fifth Creative Writing assignment, to write a persona poem that portrays someone from a different time period; fictional or factual people were both acceptable options.

All critiques are posted verbatim; even grammar/spelling/phrasing errors or awkwardness are preserved for completeness.  (Editing someone else's comments = so not cool, yo.)  The one thing I edit is that J.P. always signs his name after the "Slainte" and I'm taking that out for privacy's sake.

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