Ink-stained fingers...

...and tendinitis of the wrist

15 August 1986
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This is caitlin_chan's... creative stuff LJ. Icon posts, fanfiction, original fiction, poetry, photos that are meant to be at least vaguely artistic, essays, fan soundtracks/fanmixes; everything creative-ish I do will get posted here. I will usually make note of updates to this journal in my main LJ, so if you're really that interested in following my stuff, you can either friend this LJ or my main one, whichever.

Posts will NOT be friends-only; I don't care that much if only my friends can see it or not.

There are three rules about stuff on this LJ:

1) NO STEALING my writing. Period. If, for some obscure reason, you want to quote my essays or something or share it with someone who doesn't have internet access, then just ask. Unless you're asking if you can submit the entire thing as your own, the chances of me saying no are pretty infinitesimal.

2) RESPECT my opinions and those of others. If you don't like yaoi and I post yaoi, then just don't read it. It WILL be labelled, so you will have no excuse. If you start harassing other people in the comments of a post, you will be warned ONCE. If you continue to be disrespectful and to harass others, the comment thread will be frozen and your IP banned. Debate is fine, insults and the like are NOT.

3) CREDIT when it comes to icon, graphics, or fanmixes/fan soundtracks. It's not the end of the world if you forget or something, but I would appreciate it. You may credit either caitlin_chan or inkntendinitis.

If you're wondering about the title of my journal, the "Ink-stained fingers" part is obvious. As for "tendinitis of the wrist", well, that refers to my propensity for getting tendinitis in my wrist when I've been writing or typing a lot or using my mouse a lot (like when I use Photoshop). It's meant to be amusing, and don't be surprised to see me mocking myself for my tendency to get tendinitis.

BLANKET DISCLAIMER FOR ALL FANFIC: I do not own in part or in full any aspect of any of the series represented on this page. All series are the property of their relevant companies, partners, and subsidiaries. I do own all original aspects of these fanfictions, including but not limited to original characters and plot. These fanfictions have been published at no profit, purely for the enjoyment of the fans and the collective good of the various series.